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A major key to our service success is our Lawn Care Technicians:

  • Every Lawn Tech Lawn Care technician is licensed

  • The average tenure of one of our techs is 10 years

  • They are not encouraged to "do as many lawns a day as possible", rather, they are encouraged to ensure that every lawn is done right

And don't worry - we won't sell you anything you really don't need.  Our belief is that if we simply recommend/apply the right treatments (and only the right treatments), at the right time, the results will be excellent; the customer will be well pleased; and they'll enthusiastically recommend us to their friends, neighbors, and family.

Actually...that's exactly how we've built our business !

Available Services:

5-Step Lawn Programs Organic Lawn Care
Flea & Tick Control Lawn Seeding
Ant Protection Grub Control
Core Aeration Tree/Shrub Programs


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